USC Alum Making Waves – and I mean big waves!

Los Angeles – Since the day Tom Donahue decided to create a robust business platform for USC Alumni to tap into power of fellow Alumni, he had no idea the level of interest from USC Alumni and other colleges/universities.  The fact of the matter is it’s “Booming”.

“It’s amazing to see the amount of people registering daily on our site.  We’ve already completed multiple business transactions valued well over $100MM since the time we went live 2 months ago”, says Tom Donahue CEO/Founder

As we’ve been following Mr. Donahue since he started on this journey 4 years ago, we now believe every college and even high school can benefit immensely by utilizing Alumni Alliances platform.  In fact, all Affinity Groups and the U.S Military should be waiting in line to sign up for Alumni Alliances.  Alumni Alliances is a Lead Generating machine for everyone’s benefit.  It’s amazing as evidenced with the $100+MM in business transactions Donahue has already accomplished for USC Alumni.

This story reminds us so much on how Facebook launched at Harvard.  There are so many similarities, it’s freighting.  One major difference between Facebook and Alumni Alliances is the “Trust Factor”.  Alumni have a built-in level of trust amongst each other.  Facebook doesn’t cater to Alumni which is probably why they’re not a business networking site and simply social media.  So, the big the question we’ve been asking Donahue?  When are you going Public?  This truly is a stock to grab onto, now!

If you’d like to be notified or receive additional information on the company, contact Mr. Donahue directly:

Tom Donahue

Mr. Ernest Spears
Senior Staff Writer
Volgatech Technologies

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